Barcino: Te Quiero Mucho

This month won’t just end without a single tongue out!

Perhaps the absence of posts might have created an impression of stagnancy. Never think that way, I tell you! In the coming weeks, I will splurge you with unheard stories of tonguing out! :)

Pues, el sabado pasado estuve muy especíal. No me gusta decir los razones de alegría porque tengo miedo que voy a perder una profesíon buena. Pero pienso que nacío otra vez eso día para actualizar mi sueños en esta vida. Gracias, Barcino, por las comidas y bebidas. Todos estuvieron delicíosos.

Sorry, I actually forgot that my Spanish classes are over.

Last Saturday, I went to Makati for several reasons: [1] to take an examination, [2] to work my ass off on a weekend and [3] to attend a Fridge Party at a friend’s place. If there’s one thing I anticipated that day, it’s the possible outpour of emotions in relation to the results. Other than that, the rest of the day before the party was expected to be filled with boredom.

Before the clock hit six in the evening, the party was cancelled. I never thought of having a great night with friends.

We kept roaming at Greenbelt 2 until Barcino caught me, as if saying its most seductive ‘Hola, ¡ven conmigo!‘ (Hello, come with me!)

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