Papa John’s Pizza: Better Ingredients, Better Pizza, Better Bite That!

Sometimes, high familiarity could be very unstimulating. Old experiences in repetition has the tendency to drag people.

The classic pizza-pasta tandem is not foreign to this stereotype. In any celebration or opportunity to tongue-out (I mean, dining out of one’s home), the since-time-immemorial partnership has always been a given option for many Filipino families and individuals. Admit that!

If you have been reading my blog, I know most of the establishments I’ve featured can be found in Greenhills. In your eyes, I am an unimaginative, lazy food blogger who willfully wastes his money for Rock Salt and Cheese. But let me take you back to a place so homey for me–loaded with a new and better experience this time.

I was about to leave Greenhills in search of a new place to tongue-out at until I realised I need not go away. Familiarity now led me to an unfamiliar terrain, as Papa John enticed and welcomed me.

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