Versus: Xiao Long Bao

To make up for the hiatus, I decided to introduce a new segment on my blog called Versus. Unlike the traditional featuring of food establishments, Versus focuses on a particular dish/item, finding establishments boasting it as their specialty, and comparing them.

As an initial treat, let’s put Xiao Long Bao on stage!

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Find Time to Know The Borough

One Friday night, whilst waiting for the rain to subside, I was messaged by a friend about a possible tongue-out I might want to try.

Don’t worry, not in Greenhills this time. Did I just hear you sighing in relief?


The Borough, offering American comfort food, is located at The Podium. With a friend convincing me and upon seeing Our Awesome Planet’s (awesome) shots inviting enough to check out the place, I randomly decided to give it a try.

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