Barcino: Te Quiero Mucho

This month won’t just end without a single tongue out!

Perhaps the absence of posts might have created an impression of stagnancy. Never think that way, I tell you! In the coming weeks, I will splurge you with unheard stories of tonguing out! :)

Pues, el sabado pasado estuve muy especíal. No me gusta decir los razones de alegría porque tengo miedo que voy a perder una profesíon buena. Pero pienso que nacío otra vez eso día para actualizar mi sueños en esta vida. Gracias, Barcino, por las comidas y bebidas. Todos estuvieron delicíosos.

Sorry, I actually forgot that my Spanish classes are over.

Last Saturday, I went to Makati for several reasons: [1] to take an examination, [2] to work my ass off on a weekend and [3] to attend a Fridge Party at a friend’s place. If there’s one thing I anticipated that day, it’s the possible outpour of emotions in relation to the results. Other than that, the rest of the day before the party was expected to be filled with boredom.

Before the clock hit six in the evening, the party was cancelled. I never thought of having a great night with friends.

We kept roaming at Greenbelt 2 until Barcino caught me, as if saying its most seductive ‘Hola, ¡ven conmigo!‘ (Hello, come with me!)


My experience with Barcino was roughly comparable to love at first sight. The place looked inviting. With its cosy and European-ish design, catching up with friends over dinner or wine at Barcino was pleasantly imaginable. It’s as if you’re having al fresco dining in Barcelona (unless you decided to stay inside the bar).


People who have been at Barcino will highly recommend its tapas. And that does not come with vinegar and chili! ‘Tapa’ means ‘appetizer’ in English.

To start the unparalleled experience, here’s Chorizo Ibérico.


I have to admit that I don’t really like chorizos, especially the sweet variant. But  the thinly slicedChorizo Ibérico tasted good on its own. It was tender and appealing to the taste buds with the right mix of salt and spices. I think the blend is enough for a non-chorizo lover to love chorizo.

Pan con Tomate is actually a complimentary and does not have any business with the chorizos. The weird me, though, combined the crispy pan, tomatoes and chorizo. As expected, the trio clicked!


Tonguing out a la español won’t be complete without trying paella! We ordered Paella de Gallina y Cerdo (Chicken and Pork Paella). This is quite expensive; but if dining in a group of three or four, your wallet should not complain except if someone did not contribute fairly to the bill. Ha-ha.


Our longing for paella was not excruciating due to Barcino’s fast and efficient partners–its employees. I can see that everyone had proper training. They were attentive to the needs of their customers.

The first time we saw the beaming paella in yellow (of course why will it bear another colour), we knew it was promising us a very nice meal for the rest of the night. Unlike some establishments offering rice variants, Barcino’s paella was not crammed due to a laudable presentation value. With its aroma, flavour and quality, the price is indeed right. I’d like to think it suits well with any dish, even to the Calamares a la Romana we ordered.


Completing the night and the whole Barcino experience was its wine. Barcino is also known for wines of high grade imported from Spain, Portugal and South Africa, among others. These wines are enjoyed nationwide, not only at Barcino! :) The establishment offers a large selection of wine. Now all the more you should be confused on what to order.

Dolores Promesas roughly means ‘Promises of Pain’ in Spanish. Certainly, we did not experience any, besides the thought of its price. Ha-ha. It was a perfect response to the bloat we were having due to its natural, uncompromising taste.


Barcino, popular among young professionals, can also be found in OrtigasFort BonifacioGreenbelt 5and the newly-opened branch at Rockwell. You can also find Barcino on the Web through its official website and Facebook.

Indeed, last Saturday was very special. I don’t want to tell the reason why I’m happy because I have fears of losing a good profession. But I believe that I was born once again that day to realise my dreams in this life. Thank you, Barcino, for the food and drinks. They were all delicious.


P.S. I’ll be back to experience superb night life at Barcino! :)


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