Papa John’s Pizza: Better Ingredients, Better Pizza, Better Bite That!

Sometimes, high familiarity could be very unstimulating. Old experiences in repetition has the tendency to drag people.

The classic pizza-pasta tandem is not foreign to this stereotype. In any celebration or opportunity to tongue-out (I mean, dining out of one’s home), the since-time-immemorial partnership has always been a given option for many Filipino families and individuals. Admit that!

If you have been reading my blog, I know most of the establishments I’ve featured can be found in Greenhills. In your eyes, I am an unimaginative, lazy food blogger who willfully wastes his money for Rock Salt and Cheese. But let me take you back to a place so homey for me–loaded with a new and better experience this time.

I was about to leave Greenhills in search of a new place to tongue-out at until I realised I need not go away. Familiarity now led me to an unfamiliar terrain, as Papa John enticed and welcomed me.


Claiming to be the world’s third largest pizza chain, Papa John’s Pizza is ready to change your classic options. The company has just opened in the Philippines late last year when it opened its first branch in Robinsons Galleria Veranda, thanks to Berjaya Pizza Philippines, the official franchiser. Its spot in Greenhills, on the other hand, has just opened last January 29!

What I truly like about Papa John’s Pizza is, OF COURSE, its pizza. Surprisingly *with sarcasm*. I ordered Texas Heat. Papa John’s prides itself in serving freshly baked dough topped with the freshest ingredients, unlike many pizzerias out there contenting themselves with the ready-made and designed-to-be-seasoned pizza base.


Even at the initial bite, you can tell the difference. The base was soft and juicy, not to mention its heavenly crispy crust. Neither it was pre-baked nor re-heated. Ingredients are indeed fresh and crunchy. With pepperoncini and garlic sauce applied on it, every bite means new ways to savour something you have been used to.


The yummy pizza was matched with Diablo Burst, the pasta I ordered. It was spicy, as expected, but distinct enough not to be mistaken for an Arrabbiata. However, maybe it would be better if they offer it for sharing.


‘Better Ingredients, Better Pizza’ could mean a Better Tongue-Out Experience. I’m glad Papa John’s Pizza lives up to that slogan to serve quality pizza envisioned by its founder, Papa John Schnatter.


The Philippines is the second Asian country to experience a better pizza, just a little later than Malaysia. Worldwide, Papa John’s Pizza has more than 3000 branches.

Its other branch is located at the University Mall near the De La Salle University.

I am hell sure of going back to Papa John’s Pizza very, very soon. I want to try other pizza variants such as Super Papa’s, All the Meats and Pepperoni, along with some side dishes like Cheesesticks and Breadsticks, chicken wings and chicken strips.


Like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter. You can also visit Papa John’s Pizza and read its menu online.


4 thoughts on “Papa John’s Pizza: Better Ingredients, Better Pizza, Better Bite That!

  1. Foodie ka na ngayon! :D

    Haven’t heard about “Papa John’s” but it looks nice ha! NaCurious ako sa Diablo Burst! Me likey hot and spicy. :D

    • Hi Alps! :) Yeah, I’m trying to venture into this genre. Food blogging is enjoyable and does not require much of my time. :)

      Diablo Burst needs more bursting, hot sensation, pero masarap naman siya! Basta, don’t forget to try their pizza (as if you’ll forget that). Haha.

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