Find Time to Know The Borough

One Friday night, whilst waiting for the rain to subside, I was messaged by a friend about a possible tongue-out I might want to try.

Don’t worry, not in Greenhills this time. Did I just hear you sighing in relief?


The Borough, offering American comfort food, is located at The Podium. With a friend convincing me and upon seeing Our Awesome Planet’s (awesome) shots inviting enough to check out the place, I randomly decided to give it a try.

Be warned that some items are kind of pricey.

One good thing about The Borough is its 24/7 operation, perfect to those who look for a place to go when every single place around the metro has been closed. Date, birthday celebration or just eating out with friends while telling stories–the place just suits any number. The design, in addition, injects a very relaxing aura. It liberated me from work-related stress without going to a noisy club.

Out of the many Borough Favourites, choosing what to order was truly hard. As much as we want to try other must-order items, I believe that two people cannot simply eat everything in one sitting.

I ordered Tomato Soup to start the night. Admitting the bias for tomatoes, I found The Borough’s version flavourful and thick. It was not too sour and I bet those who had unpleasant experiences with other tomato soups might like this.


For someone who has just been into the place, BBQ Pulled Pork is the usually safe food to order.

Pork teamed up with vinegar and coleslaw produced a very tingling sensation to me. Eating with a friend who never liked pork? With BBQ Pulled Pork, convince a friend to bite and explode like a dynamite. It’s too delicious for a pork!


I also tried Fish and Chips, and it is not unusually superb.


For the meantime, I would like to personally withhold my tongue-out rating about The Borough. I found its place great and its food interesting, but objectively I have to experience it over and over again to be able to assess it in full. Being a new player in the metro, The Borough needs to be proven every single day by adventurous individuals craving for the best food varieties. After that, let us see if the rating changes.

Despite that, I am giving The Borough a FULL TONGUE-OUT–because my tongue is fully welcoming its inception and the new experiences I will be having on my next visit.

In the future, I want to order the following: All Beef Cheeseburger (that even without reading the reviews I found it overpriced), Sole Anandine, Cheese-Injected Portobello Pita Pocket (which I considered), Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup, Chocolate Chicken Wings, Rothko Caesar Salad, Banana Amaretto French Toast and Milk and Cookies. Credits to Shoot First, Eat Later for a very comprehensive review.

I encourage readers to try these favourites and share the experience with others!


Wondering why The Borough has been receiving good reviews from food bloggers? Maybe you need to know that The Borough is brought to us by Il Ponticello, where I had my most memorable Valentine date way back in 2008. This requires a different post though. Ha-ha.


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