Kimpura: Take Experience a Notch Higher

Dear readers, how did your holidays go? I’m too apologetic for the lack of update for weeks. During the holiday break, spaghetti and fruit salad had won over other cravings. Don’t worry though. I still have lots of reserved establishments waiting to be featured.

With office-related schedules already set, I will always find time to write. Sounds like I’m living up with my 2011 resolutions little by little. Cool.



Before the previous hiatus, I was able to visit Kimpura, a Japanese restaurant located in Greenhills.

At this point, you might be expecting me to have gone off elsewhere (aside from the comfort zones of Greenhills). Patience is a virtue, I tell you. Thus, prepare for my rebuttal.


Honestly, I did not have any idea about what Kimpura specialises on. For a first timer, it would mean anxiousness to become adventurous. Kimpura might seem to be an ordinary Japanese restaurant for folks having no previous knowledge and overly sceptic individuals. However, if you desire to get away from the standard, almost-close-to-fast-food type of dining experience, Kimpura welcomes you for a visit.

After the experience, I trolled over the Web to read people’s blogs and reviews on Kimpura. Admittedly, to feature and assess it based on what I ordered might not fully encapsulate the joyful peculiarities Kimpura can offer with its teppanyaki dishes.

TIP: Restaurants like Kimpura which have already established their niche could be pricey, so remember to do your homework! Research about these establishments. Know what they offer given a price range. It might be also helpful for you to read food blogs. (In short, read Tongue Out and its future posts. LOL)

Anyway, to put twist on my first Kimpura experience, I tried Cha Soba (green tea noodles) and Okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza).

Considered as a delicacy in Japan and served only during special occasions, Cha Soba are noddles made of buckwheat and wheat flour added with fresh Green Tea leaves. Credits to Harubaku for the description.


To my surprise, the noodles aren’t submerged in a flavourful broth. Customers are tasked to season the broth (poured in a separate cup) with quail egg, onion leaves and other spices until the desired taste is achieved.


TIP: Never be shy to ask for instructions when dealing with an unfamiliar food. Don’t act as if you know or else you’ll miss the weird fun! Maximise and liberate the flavours by following a step-by-step method specific to consuming it.

I dipped the noodles. The mixture and the noodles went well. Compounded with my biases over green tea, its blend appealed to me. Consuming green tea in another way also served as a bonus.

Okonomiyaki, on the other hand, is more of a Japanese savoury pancake than pizza. However, with its way of presentation, the food looked like the tomato-paste-rich pizza. I bet all pizza addicts will order this.


In Japan, okonomiyaki has two variants: the predominant version from Osaka and the layered okonomiyaki from Hiroshima.

I’m inclined to think that Kimpura’s version is Osaka-styled, as flour, eggs, shredded cabbage, squid, shrimp and other veggies were mixed altogether, not layered–the defining criterion differentiating the Osaka and the Hiroshima versions.

Kimpura’s okonomiyaki can effectively entice any pair of eyes. Don’t lower the bars for your taste buds. I am sure it lives up to the expectations.

In sum, despite its price, Kimpura is very much recommendable to those willing to take the experience another step higher regardless of the level–whether you frequent Japanese fast-food or you have acquired a quite decent taste for Japanese food.

Teppanyaki, you’re on top of my list!



4 thoughts on “Kimpura: Take Experience a Notch Higher

    • Maybe you’d want to try their teppanyaki! Some food bloggers find it well. Tapos kung sa Greenhills branch kayo kakain, maganda ang special table nila. Japanised na Japanised kayo kung sakali, since you will all be sitting on the floor. :)

      Uy, it’s been a long time since I last saw you blogging! The last blog of you I’ve read was the girl-slash-woman page? Haha. But anyway, thanks for dropping by! :)

      • SITTING ON THE FLOOR! I waaant!! Never pa ako naka-try ng teppanyaki so ttry ko talaga yan, pramis!! Pati yung Yakimix sa Trinoma, 600 for buffet, kelangan ko ma-try. :D Haha adik lang sa pagkain ng Hapon.

        Naku, never akong nagstop magblog eversince, naglipat lang ulit ako this January haha. Eto yung old blog: pero corny yan kaya naglipat ako. Haha.

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