Papa John’s Pizza: Better Ingredients, Better Pizza, Better Bite That!

Sometimes, high familiarity could be very unstimulating. Old experiences in repetition has the tendency to drag people.

The classic pizza-pasta tandem is not foreign to this stereotype. In any celebration or opportunity to tongue-out (I mean, dining out of one’s home), the since-time-immemorial partnership has always been a given option for many Filipino families and individuals. Admit that!

If you have been reading my blog, I know most of the establishments I’ve featured can be found in Greenhills. In your eyes, I am an unimaginative, lazy food blogger who willfully wastes his money for Rock Salt and Cheese. But let me take you back to a place so homey for me–loaded with a new and better experience this time.

I was about to leave Greenhills in search of a new place to tongue-out at until I realised I need not go away. Familiarity now led me to an unfamiliar terrain, as Papa John enticed and welcomed me.

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Find Time to Know The Borough

One Friday night, whilst waiting for the rain to subside, I was messaged by a friend about a possible tongue-out I might want to try.

Don’t worry, not in Greenhills this time. Did I just hear you sighing in relief?


The Borough, offering American comfort food, is located at The Podium. With a friend convincing me and upon seeing Our Awesome Planet’s (awesome) shots inviting enough to check out the place, I randomly decided to give it a try.

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Kimpura: Take Experience a Notch Higher

Dear readers, how did your holidays go? I’m too apologetic for the lack of update for weeks. During the holiday break, spaghetti and fruit salad had won over other cravings. Don’t worry though. I still have lots of reserved establishments waiting to be featured.

With office-related schedules already set, I will always find time to write. Sounds like I’m living up with my 2011 resolutions little by little. Cool.



Before the previous hiatus, I was able to visit Kimpura, a Japanese restaurant located in Greenhills.

At this point, you might be expecting me to have gone off elsewhere (aside from the comfort zones of Greenhills). Patience is a virtue, I tell you. Thus, prepare for my rebuttal.


Honestly, I did not have any idea about what Kimpura specialises on. For a first timer, it would mean anxiousness to become adventurous. Kimpura might seem to be an ordinary Japanese restaurant for folks having no previous knowledge and overly sceptic individuals. However, if you desire to get away from the standard, almost-close-to-fast-food type of dining experience, Kimpura welcomes you for a visit.

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