First Spoon

It took me years before finally deciding to try food blogging.

First, I do not specifically know who the veterans are in this genre, but certainly many people have been blogging about food. Some are reputable enough and honed by the times to evaluate food in a reputable manner. To add, they have tasted wider food varieties in the Philippines and even abroad. I am inclined to think these people possess more critical skills in assessing food.

Second, while blogging is considered a leisure, competition for readership is inevitable. Readership happens to be an important element of blogging which might affect the blogger’s level of activity online. Together with self-expression, I also pay attention to the way people consider my ideas. I fear the lack of followers due to competition, making me hesitant to swim on a new stream.

Third, issues of sustainability worry me. This is partly due to the motivation given by readership but more of time management. There is nothing new with the absence of updates, a normal problem of a blogger. I fear of passing the same legacy to my new blog.

At some point I have to start somewhere. Improvements are realisable and accepted. Skills can be mastered to successfully capture public interest. Moreover, in the advent of mobility, surely there’s time to sustain the updates.

Albeit with a shivering knee, I am pursuing this track.

As a starter, I will be reviewing Happy Lemon, a Hong Kong-based brand now enjoyed in Greenhills. Watch out for the update! :)


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